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The stories hosted on this journal are works of derivative fiction. They are in no way affiliated with the the creators or distributors of the source material. This is a purely non-commercial fan site.

Some stories may contain violence, sexual scenes, or other material that some people may find offensive. I will try to warn for the most obvious triggers, such as major character death, rape/non-con, and so on, but ultimately, caveat lector.

Transformative works policy: Blanket permission. In other words, podfics, remixes, fanart, translations, prequels/sequels and other transformative works of my fics are perfectly all right. You don't need to ask for permission. I'd love to know of any such works, though, and I'd appreciate it if you linked back to the original work.

Fic at AO3: [ profile] anehan
Fic at H&V (Hermione/Draco only): H&V profile
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